Pranidhi Varshney Signs on to be the Voice of Lollipop

Pranidhi Varshney

I learned through years of working on Wall Street, Hollywood, and in law that you're really lucky when you like the people you work with and for.

When the opportunity arose to do the children's app, I made a point to work with people that I had some connection to and who I did really like. Pranidhi Varsheny is one of those people. She's an actress, yoga teacher and practioner, all around genuine person and super professional. 

Lollipop and Pranidhi had so much in common. Lollipop comes from North India and so does Pranidhi. Lollipop does yoga and so does Pranidhi. Lollipop has beautiful dark hair and so does Pranidhi. 

"Lollipop is a modern-day guru who keeps it real and tells it like it is," said Pranidhi.  

"And she's a dog! What better way to inspire kids to keep a clean environment than through man's best friend- a deep-breathing, yoga-practicing, man's best friend."

Thanks Pranidhi!