David Dayan Fisher Narrates Azawhistle Kids' First iOS App

How lucky did we at Azawhistle Kids get when fellow dog lover and NCIS actor, David Dayan Fisher, jumped on board the app team to narrate Tejas and Lollipop's Great Clean Up: Everything Has a Home.

David with Burton and Monkey

This was my first experience with directing, and I got lucky. David not only is a talented actor, he also shares the Azawhistle Kids' sentiment of helping kids be better kids through fun instruction (and he does yoga!). David's written two books, Puppy School and The Gift: You Ask & You Get, which both express his sincere interest in giving people, big and small, the good information on life.   

He also wrote an adorable poem for Azawhistle Kids to help the kids' perspective on tidying up. He's a million creative cells all in one and we're so thankful at Azawhistle Kids to get bit of those millions!