There's no doubt that while we all look forward to this time of year, the holidays can bring a level of stress that can often dampen the 'spirit of the season' - given the extra time traveling, the extra expense and pressures of gift shopping, and not to mention the extra calories and unwanted lbs.  

However, longtime yoga and meditation practitioner Leslie Hendry has five essential tips that are sure to bring less stress and more joy to all this holiday season! 


Leslie's Top Five Ways to Beat The Holiday Stress:                                                        


1.)    Avoid Over Spending

Set a holiday budget and stick to it! Figuring out exactly how much you want to spend on gift giving will avoid unwanted 'surprise' credit card bills post-holiday season.


2.)    Work It Out

Create and commit to a weekly workout routine to insure you don't skip workouts that can actually help you better cope with stress.


3.)    Pre-Plan Meals

Pre-plan weekly grocery shopping lists to make sure meals enjoyed at home are healthy and light - this will make up for the extra calories you'll consume during work parties and holiday outings

with friends.


4.)    Search and Shop Online

Whether comparing prices, researching gift ideas, or taking advantage of Cyber Monday deals, online shopping is a great way to free up more precious time in your schedule. It means you don't have to drive to a mall, search endlessly for parking and spend hours in search of one or two items.


5.)    Be Kind 

Practicing kindness with everyone you come in contact with will alleviate stress for you and others. Remember to smile, be patient and practice gratitude. By focusing on all the blessings we do have, we are all better able to avoid stress and enjoy the time we spend together!