The Korean Spa

For centuries humans have been bathing in public baths. If you've got one in your city I recommend trying it out. It takes bathing to a whole other level. Los Angeles has plenty in Korea town. I've gone to most, solo, with friends, morning, noon, night for hours or for a short dip. 


The top 5 main benefits are:

1. Sweating out excess water weight. In the first 15 mins, 2 lbs evaporated. 

2. Opening the pours - this enables the skin to receive a deep cleansing. 

3. Relax the muscles - after a long week of exercise this is heaven. 

4. Focus - there are few distractions. I use my time in the spa as a moving meditation. 

5. Sleep - nothing relaxes us more than hot water. Make sure to hydrate and have the best night's sleep!