It's Fun to Do the Impossible - Walt Disney


Someone once commented about my horoscope after I told them I was a Capricorn, "oh you're the goat trying to push something up the hill". Well yeah, I embarrassingly admitted, with the automatic giggle that apparently is still with me after years of being far away from a sorority house or Texas. After I walked away, I reluctantly admitted to myself, I am a goat. I am always trying to push something up a hill. 

Why do we make life hard? I'm not speaking of hardships, which would deserve an entirely different tone here. But why do we make life challenging for ourselves? For instance, I could've made choices that might have afforded: a steady income, a steady career, a steady partner.

But no, I choose the hardest climb of all. Trying to get a book app for kids noticed among a sea of doe-eyed Disney characters. Geeze. I was, however, comforted in this quote I found by Walt Disney:

"It's kind of fun to do the impossible."

Today we announce the release of v1.1 of our iPad story book app for kids that inspires them to clean and tidy their rooms using yoga and meditation as life-skills to get us there. It's not much different than v1.0. There were black nanosecond screens between various pages, of which our dear friends at notified us.

I also added back in funny audio on the game page that gives kids a cool cat "supertidy" when they put objects back in their place.  

We have more promo codes. Woohoo. Reach out to us if you'd like to do a promo code giveaway to support our growth. 

Thanks for your support and we hope you all have a Supertidydosalicious day!

New description:

* Reached #3 in iPad Book Apps!

* Best apps I’ve downloaded for my kids. -- appPicker

* This learning app takes the drudgery out of cleaning and turns it into a fun task. -- CrazyMikesApps

* Visual feast and nice addition to your story apps collection. -- Apps 4 Kids

* This fun and interactive app is not only a good story, but one that will teach children the good habit of tidying their own room. - Best Apps For Kids



Teach kids how to tidy and clean up! Be clean AZA whistle!

ORIGINAL STORY - soothing English-accented narration. 

ORIGINAL SONG - to play when tidying and cleaning up. 

FUN - tap and watch characters and objects animate. 

GAME -- built-in game teaches life-skills organization. 


Simple navigation designed and tested with kids. 



“It even made ME want to clean MY room.” 

“I truly think it inspired him to clean his own room.”

“Now instead of putting things just inside the door, she puts them in their place.”


Learn names of objects. 

Learn to take responsibility. Avoid being overwhelmed. 

Learn to calm the mind. MEDITATION.

Learn activities to accomplish goals. YOGA. 


Azawhistle Kids' Everything Has A Home – Tejas and Lollipop’s Great Clean Up! features fresh and stylized illustrations in a beautiful modern color palette.

Children 3 + 

Azawhistle Kids - committed to develop meaningful entertainment for kids. The forefront is our goal to help kids learn to be tidy and organized, opening up more time to understand and experience self-esteem and respect. 



“Go clean your room,” is hardly a positive command…that is until Azawhistle’s kid-friendly cleaning warriors jump into downward facing dog. Using yoga for kids and calming meditation, Tejas and Lollipop inspire kids to tidy and clean up. Not based upon a movie or fairy tale, this highly original story teaches life-skills. 

Overwhelmed by the mega-mess in his room, Tejas worries about how he will clean up and surprise his mom. His trusted best friend, super organizer and mega-mess consultant Lollipop, shows him how to unclutter his environment and the ways of the big kid (adult) world. 

All by themselves, kids learn to enjoy putting away toys, clothes and sports gear on a game page. Lollipop is our story’s Guru, or Girl-Ru, who mostly “mashpotatoes”* during the day until she goes to task, helping Tejas use his time productively and creatively. Together, they don’t stop until the last shoe's in the closet. 

Everything Has A Home: Tejas and Lollipop's Great Clean Up! is a rich story app that helps kids follow through with their own creative ideas and translates how a clean room makes the big kids (that’s you parents!) feel happy.

*doggy term for meditates