What we do

Azawhistle creates apps that encourage simple acts of cleanliness.


How does activity help kids be clean? 


When kids get moving and involved in learning activites they enjoy they enjoy learning. This aids kids to become disciplined through their own nature.  

Our story apps inspire kids to be active. Lollipop does yoga because it's a discipline that helps her be more focused. It's also been known to help people of all ages be conscious of their space and environment.



What we believe...

Children learn through family, school, community and increasingly technology. Fantasy is fun, but we believe it's important to place meaningful stories and learning tools in the lives of children so that they may make better decisions on their own. 

When kids are given guideance on how to organize and clean their space they learn how to earn immediate credibility and respect. The feeling of self-esteem and independence grows and the home receives all this good work.