What we do...

We create games and stories that teach kids life skills including cleanliness and focus through activities based on yoga and meditation principles. We also help people of all ages create a less cluttered environment and less cluttered thinking.  


What we believe...

Making the best decisions for ourselves is the result of understanding who we are and what makes us happy. Our physical environment reflects a lot about who we are and the kind of energy we have for life. It doesn't take a lot of money to create that unique space to put our unique energy. Remember the pride of showing someone your "room" or the makeshift clubhouse? All we need to do is decide to do it. 

At Azawhistle, we use technology and lovable characters to teach life skills including cleanliness, self-study, self-discipline, all the aspects of a yogic life. We help reinforce good habits so kids can earn and embrace credibility and respect. This helps their self-esteem grow and the home receives all the good work.


How does yoga help kids learn life skills? 

When kids get moving and involved in activities they enjoy learning and productivity. Yoga is an activity that helps kids experience the way their body moves in a healthy, positive manner free from competition and the pressure of performance.  Anyone can do yoga and because every body is different, through yoga we explore our individual nature. 

Our story apps inspire kids to be active and thoughtful. Tejas and Lollipop do yoga because it's a discipline that helps them be more focused and conscious of their environment. Living a focused and conscious life helps us be more organized, more grateful for what we have and more proactive about keeping our environment and energy beautiful. 

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