About the Founder

Leslie Hendry is a former lawyer who discovered yoga and meditation after leaving the "good life" in New York City. She's traveled extensively for long periods of time to places like India and Mexico. Through traveling, and shuffling her possessions around, she discovered that simple acts of cleanliness and organizing what we have help us live a more in-control and thus happier life. Her sidekick, Lollipop, couldn't agree more!

With AzaWhistle, they hope to make clean up time a lot like yoga...a time to understand and discover who we are.  



About the Developer...

It has been said that Helen has the brain of a techie and the heart of an artist. Her apps have been featured in the app store as App Pick of the Week and Staff Favorites. She created the first digital comic book / graphic novel reader for the iPhone. 


About Branding & Marketing...

El La is a philosopher, musician, yogi and conceptual designer. She has worked with major brands in the entertainment and holistic industries, assisting them with branding, marketing and copywriting. She is excited to be on the Azawhistle team, battling dusty demons and cultivating an attitude of love and joy while cleaning. 

About Content Management...

Shikha grows Azawhistle's online presence creatively and strategically. A Bio-Medical engineer from India's IIMT college, Shikha found digital marketing more interesting and challenging. Born and raised in Varnasi, India, Shikha is known among close friends and family for her supporting nature, great humor and an amazing Chole Bhature. 

 App marketing specialist who optimizes our kids apps. 

About our bloggers...

Alexa Johnson is a communications specialist dedicated to doing good. She is a writer, media strategist, and a big time believer in outlines. She enjoys reading poetry on public transportation and is thrilled to share her favorite ideas with fellow organizing enthusiasts. 



Chandra Runge is a yoga teacher in training, a techie by day, and supermom to daughter Braelyn. A grounded Texan from Boerne (right outside of Austin), she was drawn to Azawhistle Kids because of her love for clean and green living, yoga, and a desire to share those passions with her mini-me and the world at large. 



Yoga Mom