The best iPad apps for kids come down to quality and creativity. Azawhistle Kids delivers abundantly on both fronts.
Tejas and Lollipop’s Great Cleanup encourages children to take charge of their bodies using mediation and yoga, while they also take responsibility for putting away their stuff.
— The iMums
A charming digital book with detailed illustrations and cute characters that teaches children the importance of keeping things tidy and organized.
— BestAppsForKids
This is definitely one of the best apps I have downloaded for my kids.
— Rebecca MacLary, appPicker
This is a wonderfully imaginative kids’ learning app for the iPad that not only encourages tidiness, but provides some good behavior examples that will help kids deal with everyday life — calm and focused.
— Crazy Mike's Apps
A nice story app with the most adorable illustration. A visual feast. A nice addition to your story apps collection.
— Apps4Kids
Parents everywhere can rejoice with this week’s best iOS kids’ app of the week.
— Lucy Brown, App My World
I was quite impressed.
— - Melissa Taylor, Imagination Soup's Founder

Ranked #3 in app store for books. Featured in Australia App Store under What's Hot.