Discover how two best friends become cleaning warriors.

They won't stop until the last shoe's in the closet!

I truly think it inspired him to clean his own room.
— BrittyK, App Store Reviewer
It even made ME want to clean MY room.
— CarolinaMalorita, App Store Reviewer
Fantastic! - My son and I love the story. The names, characters, and the narrator’s accent make the story stand out. We enjoy mashpotatoeing!
— K-bronaso, App Store Reviewer
Now instead of putting things just inside the door, she puts them in their place.
— Ella Bean's Mom, App Store Reviewer

Our book app inspires kids to tackle their messy rooms! But this fun story is even more. Included is an interactive game that teaches how to Put Everything Back in Its Home. Kids are "Supertidy" when they move items into the closet, the book shelf and toy box.

No matter what age, cleaning your room can be overwhelming. Lollipop and Tejas teach kids meditation aka mashpotatoeing so that they can get the job done!


App Teaches:

CLEANING GAME - Teaches kids how to put their things away.  

MEDITATION. Kids are inspired to calm the mind and think creatively. 

YOGA. Kids learn that yoga helps to accomplish goals.

VOCABULARY - kids learn names of objects.  

ACCURATE MOTOR SKILLS - tap and watch characters and objects animate. 


App Details: 

Kids ages 3 +   

Ranked #3 in the App Store.

Featured in the App Store What's Hot

ORIGINAL STORY - soothing English-accented narration. 

ORIGINAL SONG - to play when tidying and cleaning up. 

SIMPLE NAVIGATION designed and tested with kids. 



Tejas & Lollipop's Great Clean Up! has been featured in What's Hot  and was in the top 3 of Apple's iTunes App Store for book apps.