At AzaWhistle Kids we understand the connection between having a clean and organized space and leading happy, healthy lives.

 Everything has a home. Tejas and Lollypop's Great Clean Up! Available on the app store!
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Tidying up is one of the first life challenges for kids, and it's oftentimes an even bigger challenge for parents. Kids are naturally drawn to helping mom and dad but no one likes to hear the dreaded "Go clean your room." It's an alienating order, an age-old command, and when it's given with little or no guidance kids can become easily overwhelmed and will underperform. To help kids and parents get their "tidy" on we founded cleaning superheroes Lollipop and Tejas. These animated cleaning warriors teach young children how to organize and tidy their living space, imparting a host of other useful tips. When these lessons are taught early on children grow to become life-long proponents of healthy and clean living.

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